"what does Ngati Porou Seafoods actually do" that's the number one question
I am asked when I tell people I work for Ngati Porou Seafoods.
This question is the inspiration for our article this month where I will attempt to answer that question.

So, what do we actually do?

Ngati Porou Seafoods Group (NPSG) is a vertically integrated seafood business, that means we are involved in all levels of the supply chain. We harvest our own quota, process the fish into products that are distributed to key export, national wholesale, and local retail market channels.

Who are our shareholders?

All Ngati Porou beneficiaries are shareholders of NPSG. Porou Ariki Trust is the body which provides governance over the fishing company on behalf of Ngati Porou beneficiaries.

What Do NPSG give back to its shareholders?

The aim of NPSG is to develop a profitable and sustainable seafood business that promotes growth, development and opportunities for our people. We are still implementing this strategy and have achieved a lot. In terms of giving back, to this point we have provided over $3.5million in dividends since 2002 to our parent body. We also supply Kaimoana for tangihanga within our rohe, major Ngati Porou events, and donations of product only to assist sponsorship requests which are limited. We are also developing a scholarship program which will provide further opportunities to those who are passionate about a career in the fisheries space.

What Assets do we have?

  • In 2006 assets were $2.0 million cash.
  • In 2010 we have:
    - Fish Quota valued at $17.5million.
    - Aotearoa Fisheries Income Shares valued at $16.9million.
    - Property on wharf valued at $870k
    - Other Assets valued at $300k.

Where is the business located?

We have taken over all the old Moana Pacific sites on the Esplanade wharf, which includes upstairs offices, export certified fish receiving and processing plant, shops and storage sheds.

How many staff do we employ?

We currently employ about 16 staff (excluding shared financial services team) mostly within the processing area. 95% of our staff are Maori or Pacific Islands and all have or are currently undergoing seafood industry training programs to NZQA national certificate levels.

Collectively our staff, including board, have over 100 years of experience in the fishing industry which is a great competitive advantage.

Does NPSG own boats?

No we don't at this stage. We prefer using local contract fishers at present. You must be a registered commercial fisher with a certified vessel and license to perform that function. There are a lot of compliance areas that must be followed. We will not work with fishers or companies that are not compliant.

How long has NPSG been operating?

Operationally only 3 yrs, the Company was set up officially in 2002 and conducted quota leasing annually.

What brands does the company use to market its products and business?

We have company brands and market brands which cover local retail and food service, while REALNZ is our domestic wholesale and export brand.

What products do NPSG sell?

Our core business is live crayfish and mussels or fresh chilled seafood in whole or fillet forms. We also stock smoked products, kina, oysters, marinades, sauces, and various types of seafood batters and salad dressing. We are unique in that we also cook seafood on site through "Off The Hook" our seafood takeaways. So we are a one stop seafood shop and if we don't have it just ask and we will find it for you.

Do NPSG work with other Ngati Porou organisations?

Yes we do, recently we formed a shared services finance team with TRONP. This team currently consists of six members who report to the Chief Financial Officer Russell Snow. They provide all financial services for both NPSG and TRONP. This initiative will create greater efficiency in financial monitoring which has become complex and diverse as both organisations have increased in size and most of all reduce costs to both organisations. I hope other NP entities will also come on board shortly.

How can I get a job with NPSG?

Well if you are interested in a career in the fishing industry come and have a korero with me and we can see what opportunities exist in the area you are passionate about.

Contact Us:

Mark Ngata - General Manager.
Nara Hayward.
Ngati Porou Seafoods Group.
47-53 The Esplanade, Kaiti, PO Box 1296, Gisborne. Telephone (06) 868 1644